OK, this is awesome. It took seven months. Hundreds of reviews. A lot of good ideas. And finally, yes finally, a young lady published a brilliant analysis of Game Slaves that answered the question down below. (She doesn’t work for any of the big reviewers. She’s just very smart.)

Did she hit the nail on the head and solve the puzzle? Well…. she absolutely won the shirt.


For the record, I showed her review to my Editor, Julia Richardson, at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Julia wrote back,

This is one of the best reviews I’ve ever read… so thoughtful.


 January 18, 2014


riddlerThis is my week 2 chronicle of being a published dude. And it’s about something I did not expect at all.

So Game Slaves has easter eggs. It’s got some hints. A lot like Ready Player One, but these are modern game elements.

And I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat, like scanning, searching, probing for…THE SOLUTION… to appear in a review.

Amazon has got all these Vine Reviewers who write really cool stuff.

And Goodreads has some people who got the book early and wrote really cool stuff. Great perspectives.

But no one, so far, figured it out. What is it?

It’s pretty simple.

Not a big deal.

Just a twist in there, a tribute, an homage, a piece of the bigger puzzle

I thought it would hit everyone who’s a gamer right in the face and they’d go, “Oh, THAT… I get it!”

But it hasn’t happened yet.

Tell ya what. First guy and first girl to email me at g3@gard3.com and solve it, I’ll send you a cool t-shirt that no one else has. I promise.