GAME SLAVES: Mobile Game to launch on Android and iOS

Twist the best interactive fiction with time-based challenges, gamer culture, gamer trivia and gamer drama… and you take a ride that changes every time you play through.

Built on Unity, this full-color, full-feature adventure weaves alternate narratives from the classic Harcourt novel.

Play as Phoenix, but argue with his decisions and see where that takes you.

Look deep into Dakota’s mind to see if her disease is really an illness, or just a clever way to get what she wants.

biosExplore Mi’s unique vantage point. She can solve problems with a single squeeze of her finger, but… in the end… can she save Phoenix from Dakota’s manipulation?

Coming June 2016 to Google Play and Apple Store!

___ ___ ___

Cover art by Dominic Harman
Character art by Cameron Davis
Music by Jahzzar