gameslavescover150h✩ Starred review “Gritty and teeming with violence, this novel is simultaneously action-packed and thought-provoking. Readers looking for smart, original sci-fi and gamers who wish they could live in a virtual world will happily immerse themselves in this story and hope for possible sequels.” –Johns Hopkins University Press, Project MUSE, Bulletin for The Center for Children’s Books

“Fast-paced, genre-bending. A delightful final twist hits a perfect note. . . Skinner’s debut pairs authentic gaming with old-school, sophisticated science-fiction concepts to create a twisty, reality-warping ride.” –Kirkus

“A Matrix-like spin on the world of online gaming. . . Geared toward teens with an interest in gaming, this should still appeal to those seeking stories about the intersection of technology and humanity, ethics and profit, and reality and fantasy.” –Booklist

“In his smart debut, Skinner embraces SF genre conventions but keeps things entertaining with well-crafted dialogue and action sequences.” –Publishers Weekly

“Game Slaves is an intriguing entry packed with action set in between layers and levels of video games. The compelling adventure appears to end on a bit of a false note, but that is merely cover for a last minute plot twist that is thought-provoking and unexpected.” –School Library Journal


As gaming evolves, the AI will get smarter, learn to adapt, and finally become self-aware.

They’re going to want out.

Can these beasts who’ve been designed for mayhem and murder survive in a bleak world? Or will their natural instincts be to take over, turn the table on their oppressors, and rule like the overlords they’re coded to be…

Hardcover available now. Paperback comes out May 12, 2015.

pmlogo Journalist Gard Skinner’s GAME SLAVES, set in the world of online video games and told from the revolutionary perspective of the villains who fight gamers in the world’s top-selling games, imagines a scenario in which these virtual figures have become self-aware and make the transition to the actual world to search for their identities, to Julia Richardson at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, at auction, by Andrew Stuart at The Stuart Agency (World English).
Film: Jon Cassir at CAA